'Roux Street'

'Zebra in my Garden', 07, collagraph, 57x57cm

'India shopping'

'Bazaar', 99, oil on canvas, 107x107cm

'Crossroad', 98, oil on canvas, 107x107cm


'Fishing nets - Cochin'

'Suspension', 99, oil on canvas, 107x107cm

'Babel', 99, oil on canvas, 107x107cm

'Temple town'

'Temple', 99, oil on canvas, 137x137cm

'Place to pray'


'Lifesong I', 99, collagraph, 57x57cm


'Sanctum', 99, oil on canvas, 64x198cm

'Landsong XXVI', 96, oil on canvas, 91x137cm

'Landsong XXXVII', 97, oil on canvas, 137x13cm


'Rochas VIII', 97, oil on canvas, 137x198cm

'Sacred place'

'Vila Sol - Portugal 2008'

'W.13.01/2', watercolour, 57x119cm

'Vila Sol'

'Canções de Paisagem (Heartsongs) exhibition - Vila Sol 2008'


'W.11.00', watercolour, 25x55cm

'W.13.00', watercolour, 58x88cm

'W.19.01/2', watercolour, 20x20cm

'W.09.01', watercolour, 57x38cm



'W.15.01/2', watercolour, 144x79cm

'Threads exhibition - Curwen Gallery 2004'


'Haystacks', 04, oil on board, 58x77cm

'W.19.03', watercolour, 107x96cm

'Waterfall - Switzerland'

'Inspiration point'

'Grand Canyon', 14.03, watercolour, 46x81cm

'Alaska', 02.04, oil on board, 58x77cm

'Harlingen canal'

'Boerderij', 01.03, oil on board, 53x60cm

'OB.02.03', oil on board, 53x60cm

'Threads exhibition 2008'

'Pilanesberg', 04.04, oil on board, 58x77cm

'Pilanesberg', 05.04, oil on board, 58x77cm

'W.03.04', watercolour, 40x96cm

'W.2.03' watercolour, 37x56cm

'Pots and cactii'

'Tasting the Roses', 08, oil on canvas, 122x107cm

'Ring a roses', 07, collagraph, 57.2x57.2cm

'Roses - Roux Street'

'Garden T and W'

'Breath of Quiet', 08, oil on canvas, 137x137cm

'Mantis', 07, collagraph, 65x57cm


'Acacia', 04, oil on board, 35x35cm

'Collagraphs - Zebra in my Garden exhibition 2007'

'Darling starling'

'Flora's Muse I', 08, watercolour, 45x55cm


'Camels ii', 05, watercolour, 55x86cm


'The track'

'Dubai dusk'

'Cityscape I', 05, watercolour, 28x70cm

'Creek vi', 06, watercolour, 44x55cm


'Creek boats'

'Creek iv', 06, oil on canvas, 114x107cm

'Creek iii', 05, oil on canvas, 76x102cm

'Gallery of light - Dubai 2008'

'Burj series - Dubai'

'Burj Al Arab I', 06, watercolour, 40x40cm

'Majlis II', 05, watercolour, 45x70cm

'Majlis VI', 05, oil on canvas, 76x102cm

'Hanging the Majlis paintings'

'Dreams for Peace', 08, oil on canvas, 107x122cm

'Moon Years exhibition 2010'


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