olive trees


olive VI watercol 30x45cm.jpg
rock-scape III watercol 47x66cm.jpg



framents II mixed media 35 x 35 cm  copy
CL 5 copy.jpg


CL 19 copy.jpg


beginning again

My last solo exhibition was in 2015 at the Curwen Gallery in London which has since closed. This combined with personal loss preceded a difficult period through which I continued to work in spurts finding great comfort in the doing.

Recently, during lockdown, my energy for full time creativity returned. It has been wonderful. These are the series of paintings I have been working on. (View the work by clicking on the images to the left. A price list for the current work can be found here.)

I am still in love with Trees. Olive trees, that feel like families, strong, weathered and wise. And Rocks… they fascinate with their massive contained energy. The Detritus (fragments) paintings come from wanting to paint something relevant, from being afraid for our planet
but also seeing the still-life beauty in things discarded.

The Corona-Lágrimas trees are the most current. They started whilst walking around my neighbourhood during lockdown and being astonished by the beauty of the spring blossom, seeing it bloom in parallel to the spread of the virus and the terrible hardship that is causing. They have continued through the seasons and Spring has come again. I still see the loveliness in the detail, in ‘the space between’. It is a joy to be painting once more.

TK May 2021

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