ʻI have long been a lover of trees, continuing to make work about them since ʻThe Space Betweenʼ exhibition 3 years ago. I have found myself living in the canopy... that extraordinary arena, high in the sky, where nature meets space and fractures into small pieces. Here the world abstracts and the real starts to envelop thoughts of a complex life. I hear whispers in the wind, a motherʼs singing. I pick up a rock two thousand million years old. The sun spreads gold through the dappled leaves.ʼ
This is Thirza Kotzenʼs 11th solo exhibition at the Curwen New Academy Gallery. She continues to make work that expands ones experience of the minutiae of nature as well as its enormity. It is exquisitely detailed. Her work embraces a world that shimmers with poetry, colour, light and dimension.

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