'Camels II', 05, watercolour, 55x86cm

'Creek IV', 06, oil on canvas, 114x107cm

'Creek VI', 06, watercolour, 44x55cm

'Creek III', 05, oil on canvas, 76x102cm

“I have always painted the landscape, but this is the first time in a desert environment and I have been captivated by Dubai – this desert/cityscape sprawl. I have been inspired by the creek around which old Dubai has grown with its bustle and beautiful reflective light, by the urban grid of dramatic modern architecture, by the wadis and their historical presence and the stunning bleakness of the desert with its rural life of people and animals… and I have fallen in love with camels. But it is the dustblown rose-coloured light that permeates all of my work and creates an atmosphere that is exotic, mysterious and compelling.”​

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