'W.13.01/2', watercolour, 57x119cm

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'W.13.00', watercolour, 58x88cm

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'W.15.01/2', watercolour, 144x79cm

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'W.15.00', watercolour, 58.4 x 87.6

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"These landscapes are songs from my heart."

Thirza Kotzen's new paintings are not lifeless representations of vistas, nor are they faded evocations of nostalgia. They are a language that describes a world both rhythmical and structured. They speak of time and of journeys, they resonate with colour that inspires a strong sense of place, at first recognisable, but which soon changes into an abstract unfolding of unbounded concepts.

"Watercolour is so vulnerable. Unlike oils or acrylics it can be dissolved at any time with the flick of a water-filled brush. And yet the quality of the pigment is purer and more compelling than any other medium. There is a wonderful dynamic tension created by the strength of the colour, the design of the work… and its fragility. This 'edge' is the power of each piece."

Thirza Kotzen's work flouts convention. With large paintings and intense colour she extends the boundaries of traditional watercolour techniques. Paint pours across the paper with seductive freedom and fluidity without becoming a superficial exploration of the medium. The integrity of the subject matter is never compromised. With intellect and skill she leads the viewer through her world of provocative memories and dreams, a world of harmony and optimism which leaves one thoughtful and exhilarated.


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