In September 1994 I was invited to exhibit work in Johannesburg, South Africa, only a few months after the first multiracial election had taken place. I knew that the paintings had to be relevant to such a monumental time in South Africa's history and also relevant to my life there. I decided to think about my childhood growing up in Johannesburg and make work about that time for it was a critically influential period in my life, colouring and nurturing all the work I have done since then.

This exhibition is also called 'homage'. It is an assimilation of work created over recent years in response to visits to South Africa. I cannot help but be passionate about the country. And when I am there I am compelled to paint it … even though the main body of my work may be taking different directions. This exhibition is a tribute, a celebration, a homage to a place that will haunt and stimulate me always.




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