'Moon chase', 11, mixed media, 20.5x27.5cm

'Friendship', 12, mixed media, 25x96cm

'Skyhigh I', 12, mixed media, 111.5x46cm

'Skyhigh III', 12, mixed media, 111.5x46cm

'Bluegum Wood', 12, mixed media, 75x25cm ea

'Clearing II', 12, mixed media, 67x43cm

'Undergrowth', 12, mixed media, 25x25cm

'Pool', 12, mixed media, 25x25cm

I wrote a poem not so long ago while sitting in a rural landscape, looking down on orchards in a valley.
red is the space between
i was red once...
but not today
today i am textured and pale
and trying for serene

This exhibition is about that space between. We are like trees. Mostly strong, tall, standing upright and commanding, but the unseen roots below are the parts that hold the whole together. As I see it in forests of trees, it is the detail in the space between and in the space unseen that makes the singular forms positive and describes the nuance and the power of the whole.
I am in love with trees. Their majesty, their delicacy, their vulnerability are a perfect vehicle for me to express myself. ʻThe space betweenʼ is an inventory that tells how it all really is... the air I breathe, the crunch underfoot, the colour I see reflected in my mood, and the myriad of other tiny complex worlds that are not always perceptible but on closer inspection are the things that make my life original and unique.


​​© Copyright 2021 Thirza Kotzen