'Zebra in my Garden', 07, collagraph, 57x57cm

'Zebra', 07, printed painting, 57.2x71.5cm

'Monkey Business', 07, collagraph, 57x57cm

'Darling Starling', 07, collagraph, 57.2x65cm

Producing this collection of collagraphs has rekindled my love of printmaking, a process which, every day, gives me a glimpse of something completely different and new in the work. It is rare to regularly catch ones images unawares and it is exhilarating.
This process of printing one colour at a time on each print of the edition, slowly building up to the final image, has, by its nature become part of the subject matter. It tells of a journey, of finding my way, of exploring 'gardens', sometimes still, sometimes full of life and full of history. I am the zebra and the monkey and the buck, often unseen, watching and listening.



​​© Copyright 2021 Thirza Kotzen